Reasons to Buy Stock Photography from iStock

There are a number of stock media agencies in the market and each provides valid reasons why you should buy stock photography from them. But, what does iStock have to offer that sets it apart from them? It is one of the oldest microstock websites to date and sells images in the same ways other stock sites do. But, here are some things that make it worthy of your money and time:

  • It is one of the largest stock sites in the industry. iStock has over 50 million images in its collection, with thousands more added daily. You can use them in a wide variety of creative projects to enforce your message or improve the look of your webpage.
  • Hand-picked premium collections are available at ridiculously low prices. iStock is one of the few cheap stock photo sites that offer high quality images at very low prices. You can download images anytime with credits or subscribe to a plan for more savings.
  • Every size is the same price. The stock site’s pricing does not depend on image size or resolution. Instead, it is based on the two collections – Essentials and Signature. Essentials offer the best value for tight budgets. It includes standard stock assets that get the job done. On the other hand, Signature include the very best images (and videos) of iStock. It also includes stock that you will find anywhere else.
  • Free stock files every week. When you buy stock photography from iStock, you will also get free stock files every week. One free photo, one free illustration and one free clip are up for grabs with just a sign up.

If you are looking for incredible stock at flexible pricing, buy stock photography from iStock. The stock site sells images by credits and subscription plans and offers some of the highest end stock in the market – especially those you rarely find in other stock agencies. With millions of royalty-free images in its inventory, you will surely find the perfect ones to create an amazing project for your blog, check out this site.

Important Tips when Using WordPress Photo

WordPress does a good job of giving a way to create photo galleries, but it does not provide a way to manage large number of photos. To improve your wordpress photo management, you need to set up and use a plugin. PixelRockstar features a sophisticated gallery. Here are a few important tips you should remember when using a photo plugin.

Add Metadata to your photos. Metadata is important information so you can search for photos with detailed information directly in wordpress. It includes the title, description, copyright and many more. Metadata also makes it easier for you to search for photos from your desktop

  • Image file opens the large image in a blank browser window, while attachment page opens the image in a new page.
  • To use the order you created, drag to choose the Menu order.
  • Reverse the order of your gallery by changing Ascending to Descending, and vice versa.
  • Go to the Gallery Columns to see the number of thumbnails in each row.

Use a wordpress photo plugin. The PixelRockstar adds new photo management tools that allow you to work with your blog posts easy and fast. Download and install the plugin directly within the wordpress dashboard.

PixelRockstar is the photo plugin that rocks! It is loaded with over 4 million high quality photos. You can search and add images to your social media and articles in just a few clicks. The photos you download are yours to use forever. If you want to be legally safe – choose PixelRockstar. So, stop wasting precious time away. Search and add images directly into your posts in just a few seconds.

When using wordpress photo, keep the above tips in mind. PixelRockstar images come with a digital license, which allows you to use the images for digital use. It takes away the common limitations of traditional image sources, giving you more freedom with your posts.



What is the Best Source for Buying Images for Commercial Use?

“Out of hundreds of stock photo agencies in the internet, what is the best source for buying images for commercial use?”

This is the most common question that bugs many creative professionals when looking to purchase stock photos for commercial use. Various offers are available in the market. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. Many have high quality, but so are those with low definition. The best place to buy images for commercial use is the site that offers high quality at very affordable prices.

If you still haven’t found the stock agency to purchase photos for commercial use, take a look at this list of well-established stock photo websites.

Stock Photo Secrets
SPS has only over 5 million royalty-free images in their library, but all of which are handpicked with premium quality. You will not find them in any other website. So if you are looking for an image to represent your brand, this is a very good place to look. They recently added the Extended License to their offering, allowing you to use the images in any project forever – plus, unlimited print runs and use of images for merchandise for sale.

One of the most popular stock photo websites, Shutterstock boasts the largest stock photo collection with over 100 million photos, vectors and illustrations. Their Extended License is also at reasonable price points, starting at two images for $199. When you purchase a larger image pack, you also get bigger savings. Depending on the size you want to buy, you can purchase images between $68 and $99.50 each.

Adobe Stock
Adobe’s very own stock site makes the list of the top three well-established stock agencies because of a number of reasons. For starters, they have a collection of over 60 million high quality images. Their Extended License is priced at $79.99 and gives you unlimited print runs and use on products for resale. Most of all, the website is deeply integrated with Creative Cloud software. You can license, access and manage your photos for commercial use right inside your favorite CC desktop app.

Many other stock photo sites offer stock images for commercial use, such as Depositphotos and iStock. They are also well-established and reputable, and offer high quality images. Both present affordable prices, which is perfect for small and midsize businesses as well as hobbyists. By far, the best deal in the market is from Stock Photo Secrets.

Why do you need an Extended License for stock photos for commercial use?
The standard royalty free license already allows you to use the images in any project for as long as you want. But, it comes with certain limitations such as the print runs and use on products for resale. If you are planning on a large campaign, you will want to extend your usage rights and remove these restrictions. You can only do that with an Extended License.

Every stock photo agency features a different license agreement. Be sure to check it out before you decide to purchase photos for commercial use from them.