Buy a Line Icon Pack from IconTail to Supercharge User Experience

Wherever possible, we replace text labels with icons to conserve space. Icons take less screen space and don’t require to be translated. Many people are familiar with them, allowing you to connect and engage with users easily. That’s why most applications use icons. They are a design pattern most familiar for the users. But, they can also cause usability problems if designed without considerations.

Nevertheless, here are five of the main reasons why you should use icons in your designs:

  • They make good targets. Usually, icons are designed large enough to be easily touched in a finger-friendly user interface. Since they don’t take too much space, you can put emphasis on aspects of your designs that need attention.
  • They save screen space. Line icons are compact enough to allow display of more content. They take a relatively small space, allowing toolbars, palettes and many more to be displayed. They are also sized large enough to work well with a mouse or in a finger-operated UI.
  • They are fast to recognize. Even at first glance, people will recognize icons – especially those that they have seen and used before. Take for instance the Facebook icon. When people see that small, blue “f”, they will instantly recognize it as a link to Zuckerberg’s website.
  • They don’t have to be translated. When you use icons, you don’t have to translate them to international users. They look the same in various countries, so you won’t have trouble labeling or explaining them. Take for instance the symbol envelope. It translates to mail in almost all nations.
  • They enhance the aesthetic appeal of your designs. Icons bring visual delight to users. They make your designs look crisp and clean. With awesome line icons, the chances of your users engaging with your content further greatly increases.

Where can you find these awesome line icon pack?

A number of agencies in the market offer icons. Some are cheaper than the others, while others are more expensive. There are those with high quality icons and others with low quality packs. If you are looking for an icon source with high quality icons at an affordable price, you should consider

IconTail is a steal when it comes to the number of icons offered and the pricing. For only $59 or $79, you can download over 2050 vector

icons. All icons are ready for Android, iOS, applications and websites. Available in 50 categories, they are all designed by pixel perfect. You can easily change their stroke size, too. Furthermore, you can download them in 11 file types that come in both filled and line styles. File formats include AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, CSH, PNG, CSS, HTML and Fonts.

When you purchase a line icon pack from IconTail, you can enjoy the following:

  • One-time payment
  • Pixel perfect grids
  • Line and filled icons
  • 2050 icons in various categories
  • Friendly license
  • 30 day money back guarantee

The Standard Plan costs $59 and allows you to download 2050 vector icons in AI and EPS format. On the other hand, the Unlimited Plan costs $20 more at $79 but lets you download all icons in all file formats. A friendly license is includes, which gives you the right the use the icons in commercial and personal projects.

What are you waiting for? Boost your website’s user experience with IconTail’s vector icons.

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